Motorpsycho: Blissard

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This album changed the author, Johan Harstad’s life.

In this book we get the smell, the sound and the feeling of the 90’s, when MP released their 5th album, and we experience the impact it had on both Johan and the rest of us.

Harstad is documenting MP’s story, from the beginning and all the way til’ 1996. The recording in Atlantis studio, the inspiration and all the challenges. Half of the book is footnotes. Nerdy, technical, obscure and cultural references – just the way MP are.

Hardcover with dust jacket – Specially designed and signed by the author. Numbered 1000 copies limited edition.

Book of the Year 2013: Awarded by Natt&Dag

Adresseavisa: ”One of Norways finest authors writes about his intense relationship to Norways best band, and it’s really good”

Dagsavisen: ”The band’s official story and timeline is mashed with the myths, and the result is one of the most precise books about music, and not least the experience and affiliation ever written”.

Author: Johan Harstad

ISBN: 9788293039600  Published: 2015
Format: 12 x 18 cm   Pages: 332   Binding: Hardcover    Language: English

SKU: ISBN 9788293039600
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